Sunday, February 21, 2010


There's gonna be another new poster besides Ranka. His name is HBK and he says he's gonna cram my blog with moe. I'm scared.


Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a fantastic game. It's got a hilarious script more cameos and references to the previous games than you can shake a stick at and tons of nice, new gameplay mechanics. Nothing is still as satisfying as yelling "EUREKA!!" or "OBJECTION!!" at the top of my lungs at two in the morning. I'm indifferent to Miles' new sidekick. She's just a ninja version of Maya.

Also, Cammy Meele will haunt my dreams for years to come. That grin... That FUCKING GRIN!!


This month's Ultimate Spider-Man was great. It finally revealed what the hell was going on with Rick Jones. He can teleport.

And the current artist on Amazing Spider-Man is amazing. His name is Marcos Martin and I just love his art. It really reminds me of Steve Ditko's stuff.

It seems like Ultimate Avengers just keeps getting delayed. Also, please don't let New Ultimates suck. I mean, I know it's probably gonna... But I can dream can't I?

I'm re-watching Kamen Rider Agito.... I don't remember the first couple of episodes being so boring. I was literally put to sleep by the first episode. That shouldn't be happening. Ever.


I also started reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I've never actually read any of his novels. I've read a ton of Sandman and a lot of his other comics though. So far, it doesn't disappoint. Which is a big thing for me because I normally don't like fantasy novels.

I also want to read Northern Lights/The Golden Compass to see what all the fuss was about. I mean, I just watched the movie and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't a bad movie at all. Hell, Nicole Kidman was downright scary in it.

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