Thursday, January 28, 2010

The First Post; Advent

Well, I originally started this blog to advertise a podcast that never came into existence. I really don't know what I'm gonna post here, or what this is even going to be about, so... Here goes something?

My name, is ZeroBusterXX, and I have diabetes. Not really.

What I have, is an addiction to comics. That will probably be the focus of this blog. That and old-school anime. Can't let Colony Drop and Subatomic Brainfreeze have all the fun on that end, right?

I guess I'll start with some content? How about a review of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

I got the game when it came out, and I must say, Suda51 and his staff did a good job of addressing most of what I thought was wrong about the first one... and then made some more stuff wrong.


 Combat: It's a lot more fast-paced this time around. The beam katana (Is there an "s" if it's plural?) are also a lot more varied. The combos and movesets are vastly improved.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty nice for a Wii game. There's a bit of slowdown in cutscenes, but it's nothing major in gameplay or anything. The variety in scenery and characters is also a welcome return.

"What the Fuck?!" Moments: Turning into a tiger. Summoning a giant robot (Complete with awesome arm waves!). Skelter Helter's decapitation. This, being a game that ol' Suda51 was involved in, definitely lived up to his reputation.

Improved Mini-games: The 8-bit look rocked. Some were a bit difficult, but most were great. I could spend hours on these games alone.

Multiple characters: Shinobu's fighting style was amazing. It's a shame her levels weren't as amazing though. Henry was fun though. For the 5 minutes I got to play as him.

Now for what I didn't enjoy.

 The Camera: It was so freaking hard to aim sometimes. And the lock-on camera almost always made it worse.

 Nerf: Why did they make the Tsubaki MkIII so weak? Why did they change the Dark Side modes so much?

 Boss Flair: The bosses looked great. But they didn't have near as much personality as the group from the first game.

The "Feel" of the Story: I gotta say, I liked the plot more until after the Rank 25 fight. It just didn't wow me as much after that.

Now don't get me wrong, this is still a quality game. It's still really fun, has great dialogue and voice acting (Takeshi Miike cameos!) and it's what most fans have been wanting.

And, this may sound weird, but if I had to compare it to an anime, I would say it's a bit like The Sky Crawlers in the sense that it's a bit of commentary on the stance of the industry itself. At least, that's the vibe I got from it.

 I'm also sort of glad we didn't get a full-length Bizarre Jelly 5 anime episode, because I really hate lolicon anime, and even a parody of one would've probably driven me insane.

Uh, that's all for this installment. Check back tomorrow when I review whatever comics I buy tomorrow!

P.S: I'm open to suggestion for reviews and stuff.

Thanks for reading!