Sunday, February 21, 2010


There's gonna be another new poster besides Ranka. His name is HBK and he says he's gonna cram my blog with moe. I'm scared.


Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a fantastic game. It's got a hilarious script more cameos and references to the previous games than you can shake a stick at and tons of nice, new gameplay mechanics. Nothing is still as satisfying as yelling "EUREKA!!" or "OBJECTION!!" at the top of my lungs at two in the morning. I'm indifferent to Miles' new sidekick. She's just a ninja version of Maya.

Also, Cammy Meele will haunt my dreams for years to come. That grin... That FUCKING GRIN!!


This month's Ultimate Spider-Man was great. It finally revealed what the hell was going on with Rick Jones. He can teleport.

And the current artist on Amazing Spider-Man is amazing. His name is Marcos Martin and I just love his art. It really reminds me of Steve Ditko's stuff.

It seems like Ultimate Avengers just keeps getting delayed. Also, please don't let New Ultimates suck. I mean, I know it's probably gonna... But I can dream can't I?

I'm re-watching Kamen Rider Agito.... I don't remember the first couple of episodes being so boring. I was literally put to sleep by the first episode. That shouldn't be happening. Ever.


I also started reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I've never actually read any of his novels. I've read a ton of Sandman and a lot of his other comics though. So far, it doesn't disappoint. Which is a big thing for me because I normally don't like fantasy novels.

I also want to read Northern Lights/The Golden Compass to see what all the fuss was about. I mean, I just watched the movie and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't a bad movie at all. Hell, Nicole Kidman was downright scary in it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A New Ally. Oh, and I'm an Addict.

Well, someone else is gonna be posting her besides me. His name is Rankarana. And he will talk about AM Driver, model kits, toys and bootleg toys. And probably some of the same stuff I talk about (Toku, scifi toys and anime and stuff.)


OK, first off. I am addicted to Pokemon. I re-beat LeafGreen in just over 24 hours. Now I'm slogging my way through Emerald. Why? Because I'm farming to make a new team. The team I've had since I was a wee lad no longer suits me. Plus it sucked hard. So, I'm working on some new ideas.

Also, there were two new Pokemon unveiled last week that are the first Generation V Pokemon. Zoroa/Zorua and Zoroark. Dark fox Pokemon. Zoroark looks pretty neat. I guess he's supposed to be this generation's Lucario.


Marvel finally gave us Captain America: Reborn #6. God I love Brian Hitch's artwork. But I hate waiting extra time for it. This was a great mini-series though. Cap and the Avengers VS Giant Android Red Skull was awesome.


Gundam Unicorn's first seven minutes were put onto the net. A-freaking-mazing. The art was absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to buy this. It's good to finally have some new UC Gundam.


I need the Red Frame Kai model kit. Desperately. Mainly because it's the first actual Red Frame variation kit ever. I mean, we get Blue Frame Second L, but no Red Frame Powered? Horseshit I say!


And, as a sequel to my post about "erotic" manga. I present: Anime porn that was mistakenly put next to Daiguard at the video store. It was called D15. I think.

It was about some lady at college, and, if I read the back of the box correctly, she was neither a she or a he. She.... had a penis.  And the box art.... it was a girl groping a very moist girl. There was a puddle of yellow liquid under her.

WHAT THE HELL MAN!? I thought putting Ninja-themed porn in with the martial arts films was bad at FYE. But damn. Putting something like that next to an awesome anime like Daiguard? I feel bad for any kid looking for a normal anime who accidentally finds this. Oh, and I feel bad for me and my friends when we found this.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Smallville Finally Rocks Again.

First off, thanks to Rankarana for informing me that the "weird full-color lesbian manga" was called Maka Maka. I guess.

I haven't watched Smallville since it moved to Fridays. But I did watch last night's episode. Man was it cool.

They had Checkmate in it. And Pam Grier (That's Foxy Brown!) as Amanda Waller!

The JSA were cool too. Michael Shanks was cool as Hawkman, but his deep voice was weird.

Dr. Fate's eyes bugged me a bit.

It was nice to see the Martian Manhunter's true form, if only for a brief moment as well.

It was just nice to see some more fantastical comic book elements in Smallville. I mean, we've had some other characters from the comics show up, but the JSA? Now that was a good move.

The overall story was good too. The villain was really lame though. Icicle? There had to have been cooler villains out there to use. Good God that was a shitty, unintentional pun.


Good God, Xenosaga is boring. I keep trying to play it, but I can't do it for long. I'm 7 hours in and it just hasn't grabbed me at all.

It doesn't help that the plot is so out there it hurts.


On the literary front, Stephen King's Needful Things is really good. It reminds me of The Tommyknockers  due to the whole "Otherworldly force makes townsfolk insane" thing.


Robot Damashii Side [YOROI] Daan of Thursday. 'Bout damn time GunXSword got some love.

And not one, not two, but three Side [MS] RX-78 types! Animated series version, modern version and "modified" version, which looks vaguely reminiscent of the version from Gundam: The Origin.

Now if only Side [VF] mecha could actually transform...


Well, I'm out of shit to talk about. Go away now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Terrible "Erotic" Manga I Find At The Bookstore.

First off, this stuff is nowhere near as bad as anything I've found on 4chan.

Second off, it's really off-putting.

The first manga I'm gonna talk about is Gay's Anatomy. It was tucked in with the American comics originally when I stumbled upon it. Since then, it's something of an inside joke among my friends.

It's about two doctors who fuck nonstop. I mean it. It's awful. It's..... creepy because it always looks like rape. ALWAYS.

Yes, I thumbed through it. All of my friends have. It's our rite of passage, so to speak.

Next up is one called "Kimikiss". I think. I may have that wrong, but whatever.

This manga taught me that all soccer played in Japan is co-ed and it looks suspiciously like sex.


There was one manga we found that was 200 pages or so of gay elf and fairy sex. No plot. Just sex. It was way more graphic than I thought was allowed in a bookstore. Wanna know what manga it was next to? MEGAMAN. It was next to a children's manga.


Another one we found was some full-color manga about lesbians. It was also really graphic. I can't remember the title at all.


The sad part is that someone apparently bought the one about the elves and fairies. Someone bought that. Who would want to read that? Who would find that arousing?


Now that I'm done talking about crappy manga, it's time to talk about some good stuff.

Gundam 00F is one of the manga I'm re-reading now and I still love it. I love Tokita's artwork. I love the mechanical designs too. I even own the Astrea Type F2 from this series. It's my favorite model kit.

Pluto is also a great read. I love Urasawa's works. I could read this for hours. And on occasion, I have.

I also found the old Pokemon Adventures manga that I read as a youth. Good times. I've been going back over it since HeartGold is a month away.

Stay tuned next week for the awful anime I spy at the video store!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xenosaga. Or, How I Learned to Love Space Anime Jesus and Some Other Stuff.

I got Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht for a grand total of $3.33 at a discount video store. Damn, this game has some strange characters.

Space Jesus aka chaos.

Space ROBOT Mary Magdelene aka KOS-MOS.

Why do the Japanese love Judeo-Christian mythology? And Gnosticism? And Nietzsche, Freud and Jung?

Honestly, if this game didn't have a cool look and neat mechanical designs..... Oh who am I kidding? It was $3 bucks for "Over 80 hours of gameplay."

In this economy, that's a steal.

Why does the game have to be so slow-paced though? I've played some games with some long-ass cutscenes but damn. This has some long cutscenes and a strange flow to it.

Combat system is fun though.

In other news, Kamen Rider Accel has the potential to bring the most homoeroticism to the franchise because another man can ride him around. Two men at once, in a weird sort of way.

Iron Man was awesome this week. But it doesn't make sense when read with Who Will Hold the Shield? or whatever it was called. That one-shot had Bucky taking over as Cap. But this has Steve doing all the shield-tossing? Maybe it's just because his old buddy Tony's life is in the balance or something? Or maybe I missed something?

The X-Men shojo manga is the gayest thing ever. Serously. Angel holds Sabertooth by a leash. Not to mention everyone looks like a reject from an awful manga I found stuffed into the American comics rack at the bookstore called, get this, Gay's Anatomy. Yeah. It was a frightening experience that I will save for later.

Do you know what game rocks? Tatsunoko VS Capcom. Sure, I would've preferred an anime company that had more titles that I had actually seen (I've only seen Tekkaman Blade, Karas, Casshern SINS, and SoulTaker. And SoulTaker isn't even in this game.) We need a Production I.G. VS Capcom or a Toei VS Capcom.

I think it's a bit less fast-paced compared to Street Fighter IV, but this is still a really well-made fighting game. I liked the inclusion of seemingly "forgotten" Capcom characters like Viewtiful Joe, classic Zero and Megaman Trigger/Volnutt.