Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Terrible "Erotic" Manga I Find At The Bookstore.

First off, this stuff is nowhere near as bad as anything I've found on 4chan.

Second off, it's really off-putting.

The first manga I'm gonna talk about is Gay's Anatomy. It was tucked in with the American comics originally when I stumbled upon it. Since then, it's something of an inside joke among my friends.

It's about two doctors who fuck nonstop. I mean it. It's awful. It's..... creepy because it always looks like rape. ALWAYS.

Yes, I thumbed through it. All of my friends have. It's our rite of passage, so to speak.

Next up is one called "Kimikiss". I think. I may have that wrong, but whatever.

This manga taught me that all soccer played in Japan is co-ed and it looks suspiciously like sex.


There was one manga we found that was 200 pages or so of gay elf and fairy sex. No plot. Just sex. It was way more graphic than I thought was allowed in a bookstore. Wanna know what manga it was next to? MEGAMAN. It was next to a children's manga.


Another one we found was some full-color manga about lesbians. It was also really graphic. I can't remember the title at all.


The sad part is that someone apparently bought the one about the elves and fairies. Someone bought that. Who would want to read that? Who would find that arousing?


Now that I'm done talking about crappy manga, it's time to talk about some good stuff.

Gundam 00F is one of the manga I'm re-reading now and I still love it. I love Tokita's artwork. I love the mechanical designs too. I even own the Astrea Type F2 from this series. It's my favorite model kit.

Pluto is also a great read. I love Urasawa's works. I could read this for hours. And on occasion, I have.

I also found the old Pokemon Adventures manga that I read as a youth. Good times. I've been going back over it since HeartGold is a month away.

Stay tuned next week for the awful anime I spy at the video store!

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