Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xenosaga. Or, How I Learned to Love Space Anime Jesus and Some Other Stuff.

I got Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht for a grand total of $3.33 at a discount video store. Damn, this game has some strange characters.

Space Jesus aka chaos.

Space ROBOT Mary Magdelene aka KOS-MOS.

Why do the Japanese love Judeo-Christian mythology? And Gnosticism? And Nietzsche, Freud and Jung?

Honestly, if this game didn't have a cool look and neat mechanical designs..... Oh who am I kidding? It was $3 bucks for "Over 80 hours of gameplay."

In this economy, that's a steal.

Why does the game have to be so slow-paced though? I've played some games with some long-ass cutscenes but damn. This has some long cutscenes and a strange flow to it.

Combat system is fun though.

In other news, Kamen Rider Accel has the potential to bring the most homoeroticism to the franchise because another man can ride him around. Two men at once, in a weird sort of way.

Iron Man was awesome this week. But it doesn't make sense when read with Who Will Hold the Shield? or whatever it was called. That one-shot had Bucky taking over as Cap. But this has Steve doing all the shield-tossing? Maybe it's just because his old buddy Tony's life is in the balance or something? Or maybe I missed something?

The X-Men shojo manga is the gayest thing ever. Serously. Angel holds Sabertooth by a leash. Not to mention everyone looks like a reject from an awful manga I found stuffed into the American comics rack at the bookstore called, get this, Gay's Anatomy. Yeah. It was a frightening experience that I will save for later.

Do you know what game rocks? Tatsunoko VS Capcom. Sure, I would've preferred an anime company that had more titles that I had actually seen (I've only seen Tekkaman Blade, Karas, Casshern SINS, and SoulTaker. And SoulTaker isn't even in this game.) We need a Production I.G. VS Capcom or a Toei VS Capcom.

I think it's a bit less fast-paced compared to Street Fighter IV, but this is still a really well-made fighting game. I liked the inclusion of seemingly "forgotten" Capcom characters like Viewtiful Joe, classic Zero and Megaman Trigger/Volnutt.

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