Sunday, February 14, 2010

A New Ally. Oh, and I'm an Addict.

Well, someone else is gonna be posting her besides me. His name is Rankarana. And he will talk about AM Driver, model kits, toys and bootleg toys. And probably some of the same stuff I talk about (Toku, scifi toys and anime and stuff.)


OK, first off. I am addicted to Pokemon. I re-beat LeafGreen in just over 24 hours. Now I'm slogging my way through Emerald. Why? Because I'm farming to make a new team. The team I've had since I was a wee lad no longer suits me. Plus it sucked hard. So, I'm working on some new ideas.

Also, there were two new Pokemon unveiled last week that are the first Generation V Pokemon. Zoroa/Zorua and Zoroark. Dark fox Pokemon. Zoroark looks pretty neat. I guess he's supposed to be this generation's Lucario.


Marvel finally gave us Captain America: Reborn #6. God I love Brian Hitch's artwork. But I hate waiting extra time for it. This was a great mini-series though. Cap and the Avengers VS Giant Android Red Skull was awesome.


Gundam Unicorn's first seven minutes were put onto the net. A-freaking-mazing. The art was absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to buy this. It's good to finally have some new UC Gundam.


I need the Red Frame Kai model kit. Desperately. Mainly because it's the first actual Red Frame variation kit ever. I mean, we get Blue Frame Second L, but no Red Frame Powered? Horseshit I say!


And, as a sequel to my post about "erotic" manga. I present: Anime porn that was mistakenly put next to Daiguard at the video store. It was called D15. I think.

It was about some lady at college, and, if I read the back of the box correctly, she was neither a she or a he. She.... had a penis.  And the box art.... it was a girl groping a very moist girl. There was a puddle of yellow liquid under her.

WHAT THE HELL MAN!? I thought putting Ninja-themed porn in with the martial arts films was bad at FYE. But damn. Putting something like that next to an awesome anime like Daiguard? I feel bad for any kid looking for a normal anime who accidentally finds this. Oh, and I feel bad for me and my friends when we found this.

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