Monday, March 29, 2010

Heart-pounding first column! Rankarana's shocking debut!

Hey, I’m Rankarana. Or Ranka, but not of the high-score table variety, ohohoho~

This is pretty much just a placeholder. Originally, I was planning to upload my first Bootleg the Cheap column, but an issue popped up with the images, as they were too big for Blogger.

Over a thousand MBs too big >_>.

Anyway, in order to prove that I exist, here's a short introduction (which I'm sure will be basically be repeated later on in my other ramblings). I'm younger than most of the other people both on this blog and in the fandom, which not many people usually get, for whatever reason. I'm generally either very enthusiatic or very caustic, or, somehow, both simultaneously.
I adore my animu and mango, maybe not so much these days, but I certainly make time for series I find great. I love giant robots, which actually really weren't part of my childhood, but they've grown on me in the last three years. My favourite series are probably RahXephon (BAAAW), Astro Fighter Sunred (HAAAW) and, currently, (though I'm still watching it) Kemonozume (GOOOORE)... and maybe Hanayako Maid Team ~La Verite~ if I'm trying to annoy someone.
I'm a big toy collector, mostly of robots, with no real pattern to my collection other than 'that looks cool/is cheap, I'll buy it.' My hobby has somewhat ruined my finances, but was it worth it? ...I'll have to think about that. My large collection of Megazords is also taking up plenty of my living space, but that's life, no? And I do adore good and funky bootlegs. Good and funky, man, good and funky.
I used to be an avid gamer but that's slipped away recently. I'm currently playing the awesome CHOU SOUJOU MECHA MG, which is Nintendo doing a mecha game meets WarioWare. It's beyond incredible, and when you're controlling a transforming ninja form that breaths fire, you do feel like the King, something that Evony never did.
Also, big Kamen Rider fan here. Not so much of other toku, but Rider is better than a Hadron Collider! Especially Ryuki, in all its' grim, child-scarring, battletastic glory.

Well, not much else to say right now, other than showing you awesome Indian Rider action:


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