Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey! Long Time No See! How are things?

Another wondrous strip by Mr. HBK.


Today, I'm fielding two game reviews. First up, is Pokemon HeartGold!

This is the best Pokemon game since the original Gold/Silver/Crystal. 

It's got all the stuff that made those games so fun. Daily and weekly events, swarms, a cellphone, two regions. And to make things better, it's really pretty-looking on the DS. There's even CG cutscenes for Ho-Oh or Lugia depending on your version. 

And, even though the titles say "Gold" and "Silver" the extra storyline stuff (Like Suicune's role and Eusine) are here. 

Hell, even the Pokewalker, which I said would be the most retarded free accessory ever, is kinda neat. It's similar to the Wii Fit in that it actually encourages kids/manchildren to run around to train a pokemon and catch some rare ones. 

All in all, I give this game a 9/10.

Oh, and the in-game Arceus event is freaking insane. Seriously, go Youtube it or something. It's beyond weird. 


Next up is Infinite Space.

This is a neat little gem. Visually, it looks a bit like Starfox 64 (Sounds a bit like it too). 

It's a strategy RPG where you must maintain your crew of space adventurers and travel through the vastness of space. Fighting pirates and whatnot. 

The story is supposedly based on Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke, but I'm not really seeing it at this point. 

The ships look pretty cool though. I don't know who the mechanical designer was for this, but (s)he did a good job on this. 

My only complaint is that sometimes, nothing seems to hit the enemy. Ever. I've lost a few fights because, despite all my customizations to fire control and CIC and the like, I can't seem to land more than a few week-sauce hits. 

I'll give this one a score when I beat it.


This week was Scott Pilgrim week.

We got a book announcement, a trailer and even a look at the game. 

Best news about the film though? That Beck is doing songs for it. Not just any songs either, one of them is Launchpad McQuack!

But boy, was the trailer amazing. It's easily the most faithful-looking comic book movie adaption ever at this point. 


I really hope the Sentry goes away soon. Or the Void or Bob Reynolds or whatever the fuck he is now.  He was cool for a while, but now he's just annoying. 


Here's a new segment I call "RETRO-ASS GAMES".

My first entry is some old survival/horror game from Sammy called Galerians: Ash. It's from 2002 and is for the PS2.

Now, it's the sequel to a game called Galerians. Never played it, but I saw the pretty awesome CG movie version on MTV a few years ago. 

In this game, you play as a drug-addicted ESPer named Rion Steiner. Well, a clone of him who's mind mixed with an AI. It's a bit odd. 

The antagonist is a gay ESPer/AI named Ash. He's also a nuclear fusion reactor. 


The combat is really cool though. You take drugs to boost your psychic powers. You've got electricity stuff, a shield, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, the usual stuff. 

The graphics aren't bad either. A little stiff maybe (Rion's dodge rolls are just awful), but the cutscenes are cool.

Voice acting's OK. But the effects and music are too damn loud. It makes it hard to hear the voice-acting. 

Really, this game is pretty much Akira + Scanners with a dash of The Matrix thrown in. Which is pretty cool. I mean, you pop pills and make people explode with your mind! Why didn't this game take off? Hell, it's even got two guy-on-guy kiss scenes for the yaoi-loving. 

This was an OK game for the whopping $2.99 I payed for it.

Verdict: 6/10

Graphics are good for it's time. Plot's neat, but it suffers from a terrible camera, poor sound design and bad level design. Not too bad of a level design or that bad of a camera, but bad enough to make a dude frustrated. 

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