Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hm... I've Bought Nothing Awful This Time. Let's Revisit.... THE 90'S!!

Yeah, this week... I haven't purchased any old movies/games/anime/anything that sucks.

So.... Let's go back on a magical journey and go over my $2.00 copy of Cybuster Vol. 5. Now, this anime sucks. It's got a great theme song though.

It's about Ken Ando who works for the DC. Their job is to clean Tokyo. But, a weird Robot called Cybuster keeps showing up and attacking their robots.

Some stuff happens and Cybuster's pilot, Masaki decides to let Ken have Cybuster. I can't remember which robot Masaki takes, but I'm pretty sure it was Zamzeed. I would go back and watch it, but I can't stomach this thing.

Now, this anime is based on an awesome game called The Lord of Elemental. For whatever reason, the plot of that game was just too cool (Or maybe too much like Dunbine in terms of setup) to use. So, they decided to make a new one with weird versions of the characters and mecha.

Like, it's really weird when they fight the Granzon.... and it looks more like Megatron or something.

And the dub..... If I never hear "ELEMENTAL ROBOT WARRIOR GODS" again... I would die happy. But... they said that every time they talked about one of the Elemental Lords.

I mean, normally dubs use words/terms that are smaller/easier to say. Not huge-ass phrases that are used every damn time someone mentions Cybuster.

The thing is, if they had made an actual Cybuster anime, it would've been awesome. I would've loved to see all the characters and the memorable scenes drawn in that same look all 90s anime seem to have would've been great. It would have been a great part of my childhood.  But no, I play the ROM of the game, find out there's an anime of it and it hurts me. Like a knife covered in razors, it hurts me.


I'm out of material today.


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