Sunday, September 19, 2010

NEW Kingdom Hearts ~ Initial Impressions

Gonna be a quick one folks, since I am tired as hell.

- Amazing graphics for the PSP. Looks just as nice, if not nicer in some respects, than Kingdom Hearts II.
- Pretty good voice cast
- Bibbity Bobbitty boo or whatever is the worst choice for background music ever
- Combat is amazingly fun
- Leonard Nemoy and Mark Hammil. Shit's beyond cash.
- Most of the worlds feel short (I know that's cause of the whole three character deal, but it seems like you don't get to do enough sometimes)

Also, my initial impressions of the re: CODED stuff.
- Why didn't the graphics get a better update? 358/2 Days looked better than this.

And that's my initial impression.

TGS had some neat stuff this year, I guess. Not-Devil May Cry, Square making shooters, new Steel Battalion (For kinect, so no awesome controller? Why remove the coolest aspect of the game?). I still haven't heard anything about Kojima's supposed big reveal he had planned.

Night fellas.

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